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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an accreditation and a safety and guidelines tour?

When you come for the first time at Horizon Roc, you must do a safety and guidlines tour. This allow us to show you around and share our mandatory climbing safety measures.

An accreditation is a supervised test through which we judge your ability to safely secure a top rope climber or lead climber. This is not a class, but an exam based on the  knowledge already acquired. It is mandatory to obtain your accreditation if you desire to practice top rope or lead climbing at Horizon Roc.

What is the difference between a Discovery classes and a Try climbing session?

The Discovery classes are an instructor-led training that covers all the basics necessary to aquire climbing autonomy with theory and supervised practices.

Our classes will lead you to obtain an accreditation as opposed to a Try climbing session which does not give you any.

Try climbing session is a recreational activity supervised by a climbing instructor who takes care of introducing you to climbing without you having to worry about the technical aspects. He/she takes care of all security elements and offers you suitable challenges.

Is a Try climbing session free?

A Try climbing cost 25$ per person for a group session. We invite you to consult our page  Try Climbing for more information.

I am a Lead climber, can I only do the lead climbing accreditation?

Before getting your Lead climbing accreditation, we need to assess your top rope maneuvers to make sure the basics are well mastered. You will then be able to pass the accreditation for lead climbing. However, it is possible to pass your top rope and lead accreditation on the same day and only pay the price of one accreditation.

I only want to boulder climb, do I have to be accredited?

You do not need an accreditation, but you must create a customer file and then do the safety and guidlines tour in order to obtain all the needed information for your safety and that of others in a room where all practices are combined.

Do I have to book to come and climb?

You don’t need to make a reservation for a regular admission at Horizon Roc.

It is at all times mandatory to reserve for lessons, Try climbing sessions, safety and guidlines tours, as well as accreditations.

I don’t have a climbing partner, can I come to the gym?

No problem, several options are available to you:

  • you can come and climb on our bouldering walls;
  • you can use our fitness room for your physical exercises;
  • you can have fun with your children in our “Monkey Space” play area;
  • If you are accredited in top rope climbing, you can train on our speed wall whether for leisure or training
Can I come and climb with my children?

Of course! No matter how old your children are, they are welcome! However, it is requested that there must be one responsible adult per child aged 13 and under. This means that the responsible adult cannot climb while leaving their child unattended. He must stay on the ground to supervise his child.

Can I use the speed wall without any accreditation?

You absolutely need to have a top rope accreditation at Horizon Roc to be able to climb the speed wall.

Is it possible to suspend or cancel my subscription?

If you have an annual subscription PLUS, you will be able to suspend it free of charge and without a reason for either three weeks (twice) or two months (once).

However, for other subscriptions, it is not possible to suspend them without presentation of medical proof. In addition, no subscription can be canceled or transferred.

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