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Day camps

For several years now, the Horizon Roc climbing gym has offered children aged 7 to 17 specialized day camps in climbing. Throughout the week, we offer them several challenges, activities and outings. They will be personally guided in a fun atmosphere and will be supervised by qualified instructors who will pass on their climbing passion to everyone.

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Please note that changes may be necessary depending on public health instructions.
All our camps are animated in french.

Camp hours: children can arrive at the gym from 8:30 am. Camps run from 9:15 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Camp – Initiation (7 – 9 years old)

This camp is for children with an interest in climbing and wanting to have a more active week. Whether it is to learn about climbing or to continue what they cultivated in the Lizards and Geckos programs.

  • Daily climbing activities
  • Personalized follow-up and development
  • Outing, swimming pool, beach, park, water games… (if possible)
  • Games in our hidden facilities…
  • DIY activities
  • Monkey Space and “Slackline”
  • Themed and cooperative games

Rate: $ 295 + tx

Camp – Autonomy (10 – 15 years)

This camp includes climbing classes aimed at obtaining an accreditation and leading to autonomy. They will be able to climb freely without the animator’s help.

  • Personalized follow-up and development
  • Outing during the week
  • Swimming and other activities (if possible)
  • Recreational activities
  • MonkeySpace and « Slackline »
  • Themed games and Acro-Parc with zip line
  • Accreditation for young people who will pass the assessment

Rate: $ 315 + tx

Camp – introduction to competitive climbing (10 – 17 years old)

Camp for children already autonomous who wish to continue their progression, learning process and discover the three disciplines of competitive climbing. This is also an opportunity for talent detection. (Top rope accreditation compulsory)

  • Technical improvement of climbing skills through technical workshops and games
  • Exploration of the three competitive disciplines: bouldering, speed climbing and difficulty
  • Introduction to training
  • Personalized follow-up and development
  • Outing, swimming
  • Mini competition

Rate: $ 320 + tx

Camp – Improvement / Advanced (10 – 17 years old)

This camp is intended for children who wish to practice indoor climbing during the summer period. The program’s objective is to improve the skills of young climbers and allow them to discover the different techniques and disciplines in a fun way.

  • Technical improvement and climbing skills through technical workshops and games
  • Personalized follow-up and development
  • Outing, swimming
  • Activities driven by challenges

Rate: $ 320 + tx

Training camp (10 – 17 years old)

These camps are dedicated to young people doing or wanting to compete in climbing. The objective of the camps is to offer an opportunity to level up, develop and / or train in a stimulating context, different from the regular season. These camps will explore different techniques and approaches for working on physical, technical and tactical aspects in the company of specialists in movement, mental preparation, kinesiology and sports therapy.

All of our camps will introduce a component of preparation and development of mental skills.

Each camp has its own training theme with personalized follow-up :

  • Evaluation and fitness :
    • For young people who have not been able to have constant training for months. This fitness camp will also include an evaluation and a clinic to prevent injuries.
  • Physical and mental strengthening :
    • This camp will begin to put the body back into action as much on the physical aspect as on the mental skills.
  • Gestural and mental improvement :
    • Exploration work on body knowledge to build technical gestures through workshops, and work on mental skills related to stress management in competition.
  • Muscle development and body strengthening :
    • Intensive preparatory training for the season
  • Speed climbing :
    • Camp specifically focused on speed techniques and their preparation for the season.
  • Back to training :
    • This camp is for all young people integrating or already part of the team to end the summer well and launch the coming season.

Athletes are strongly recommended to sign up for several weeks of training as during these weeks we will be working on new techniques as well as a new approach of climbing. Check with the coaches to make sure you make the most appropriate choices for your level.

This camps access is limited.

If you are interested by one of this camp, you can write us directly at infos@horizonroc.com

If you already a member of our competition team, clic here :

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For each cancellation, we will keep a 65$ fee of registration. And if you decide to cancel when the camp has begun, we will charge you a cancellation fee and will refund the days left over.